VanHearron Executive Team

The Company
The Company

Donna VanGorder

The Company

John VanGorder

CEO & Founder
The Company

Calvin Brenchley

Chief Operating Officer
The Company

Stephannie Kuykendall

Operations Manager
The Company

Andy Heavener

Marketing & Corporate Liason
The Company

Matthew Gagliardi

V.P. Sales & Business Development
The Company

VanHearron Sales Team

The Company

Robbie Bassinger

Territories: Kentucky, Michigan, Western New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

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The Company

Brian & Matt Runkle

Territories: Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Massachusetts Rhode Island, Eastern New York

The Company

Joe Buckner

Territories: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Southern Virginia

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The Company

Steve Price

Territories: Florida

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