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Top Grout

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Top Grout is formulated for all cement grout and polymer reinforced grouts as a topical application.  Top Grout is not effective on epoxy grouts or grouts mixed with latex based liquid additives.  Top Grout can be used on interior or exterior applications, and is effective on sanded and non-sanded grout.  Top Grout is an economical impregnating seal that is permanent and therefore does not require re-application for LIFE.

Application Instructions

  1. Read entire label before using.

  2. Shake well before using.

  3. Do not dilute or alter use product as packaged.

  4. Ensure surface is free of dirt, debris, dust, oils, or standing water.

  5. Use spray bottle, or low pressure pump type sprayer for larger applications with a fan tip.

  6. On vertical surfaces apply to from top down flooding grout until excess runs down 6-8 inches from spray pattern.  A wet on wet reapplication is recommended within 2 minutes for maximum coverage.  Allow sealer to soak into surface 5-8 minutes and remove excess with a clean cloth.

  7. For horizontal surfaces apply a single flood coat sufficient that the grout remains wet for 3-5 minutes.  A wet on wet reapplication is recommended within 6-8 minutes.

  8. Keep dry and allow curing for 24 hours.


  1. Protect adjacent surfaces form overspray.

  2. Should not be allowed to dry on glass or glazed surfaces as a film may result.

  3. Allow to dry a minimum of 12 hours before exposing to large amounts of water

  4. Contains siloxane and can be mildly irritating to skin take precautions when spraying.

Additional Info

Top Grout is an economical topical grout sealer providing excellent repellency and water beading, as well as solid stain resistance.  Top Grout is water based and environmentally friendly with very low V.O.C.’s.  Top Grout qualifies for LEEDS credits.


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Technical Data Sheet

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