What Makes Us Different.

We are not only the manufacturer of our products,

but we were also the initial consumer.


When we started our industrial/residential, coatings contracting company, it did not take long to discover that there were many needs in the market that were simply not being addressed. Our advantage over other manufacturers is our placement in the industry. We are not just sitting behind a desk brainstorming and inventing, but have been out in the field having to find solutions to complex issues that are becoming more and more prevalent every day.


We have had the advantage of seeing the issues first hand for ourselves. By taking the time and listening to the customers and other contractors we have heard an overwhelming need for our products. Over the years we have had a keen understanding of the markets we serve and as a result, offer a product line that was "born in the field" instead of a lab.

VanHearron products have been specifically developed to address

specific needs within our industry.


We didn't start out as chemists, but rather as "common sense problem solvers" who discovered the advantages of cutting-edge chemistry. Our research is not driven by the desire to make a dollar but rather a genuine aspiration to solve problems for our customers.  When we began our coatings company our goal besides working for ourselves of course was to help people.


We found it exciting job after job when we solved the problems that had plagued customers for years. Solutions to their problems were few and far between. Some of our customers told us of their lengthy searches, which got us thinking, if they were having problems, surely there were others out there with the same issues. After brief investigation, we indeed found that moisture issues were everywhere. Unfortunately today, mold, mildew, and other moisture related problems are common knowledge in most households.


As a consumer we understand the importance of protecting our investments rather

than pouring money down the drain on ineffective treatments and costly "band aids"

that just lead to more costly repairs and replacements.


As a former contractor we understand the importance of making a dollar and helping the customer all at the same time, this is why we are so dedicated to keeping our products cutting edge in quality and highly competitive in pricing.

Founder and CEO, John VanGorder has spent countless hours

formulating, critiquing, and developing our product lines.


Each VanHearron product is painstakingly run through practical usage tests that  John believes are what the market place warrants. Nanotechnology  is an emerging segment  for our industry and we have played a leadership role in developing powerful environmentally friendly water-based products. They are the backbone of who we are. That, in itself, separates VanHearron form the "slow-to-change" status quo of heavy solvent-based products.  Not a single product, past or present is made available until it is  deemed worthy to not only meet, but to exceed market expectations. John continues to have direct " hand-on"oversite of the development and advancements of every product. 

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